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Consulting Services - Firm Forum

Firms of all sizes can benefit from the opportunity to network & learn from one and other. After working with firms from all around the globe, I was repeatedly asked to set up a way to start connecting the most innovative players in the profession to one and other, and thus round table was born.

Firm Forum is a bi-weekly opportunity for top tier firms to connect with one and other to discuss growth, change making, and the things that they are doing within their practice to consistently be on the cutting edge when it comes to technology & serving clients at scale.

Once you have become a part of forum, you will receive an invitation to join this exclusive meeting with other leading firms for facilitated conversations around:

  • Best practices in social media, branding & marketing
  • Attracting top talent to your firm
  • Sales process improvement
  • Exclusive insights on best in breed technology
  • Mentorship, networking & building relationships with vendors
  • Accelerating your practice growth & revenue
  • Reducing costs, process management & overall operations improvement
  • Leading your team to embrace change
  • Creating a culture that your employees & clients love

    These are just some of the things that will be covered in depth during forum discussions. Also, participants in firm forum will have access to an exclusive Slack channel to connect with others outside of the bi-weekly meetings.

    We can’t wait to have you join the conversation!


Consulting Services - Strategy, Operations, and Growth
$1,000.00/Weekly, Monthly
Client Coaching Services - Business & Personal Growth - Tier 1
Client Coaching Services - Business & Personal Growth - Tier 2
Marketing - Digital Content Creation/Social Media Execution
Consulting Services - Technology & Software Selection
Consulting Services - Software System Administration & Maintenance
Consulting Services - Human Capital
Consulting Services - Strategy, Operations, and Growth - One Off Session
Client Coaching Services - One Off Session
Client Coaching Services - Personal Growth, Wellness & Self Discovery
Marketing - Execute Marketing Strategy
Marketing - Digital Marketing Strategies
Consulting Services - Software Systems Audit
Consulting Services - Risk Assessment
Consulting Services - Firm Forum
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