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Monthly bookkeeping services

This monthly fee and scope of work will be customized to your specific needs, below are various bookkeeping tasks that may be included based on client preference. Before your engagement letter is prepared, we’ll have a discussion about the optional services below and identify which services you would like performed for your business:

General bookkeeping

  • Classify and add pending banking transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts with the bank statement each month for proper account balance and to identify any errors. We will make correcting entries directly to and identify the source of each adjustment.
  • Review, analyze and reconcile general ledger accounts for accuracy and confer with you regarding any items not fully understood.
  • Prepare and record all necessary journal entries to reflect correct accounting records.
  • Sync or enter payroll information into QuickBooks from the payroll processing company
  • Correct errors in QuickBooks

Reporting (for management and internal use only

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Budget vs actual
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable

Accounts Receivable

  • Create sales orders
  • Create invoices
  • Apply customer payments
  • Track aging of receivables
  • Set up customers in QuickBooks

Accounts Payable

  • Set up vendors in QuickBooks
  • Request W9 forms from new vendors
  • Create purchase orders
  • Enter accounts payable (this can be into QuickBooks or external software such as Bill.com)
  • Save receipts and paid bills into QuickBooks
  • Track aging of accounts payables

State of WA and Local Taxes

  • Prepare and process WA state and city tax returns

Year end

  • Coordinate with your tax preparer to ensure they have the information they need from QuickBooks to file taxes
  • Enter adjusting entries provided by the tax preparer
  • 1099 MISC forms provided that we have the W9, we will do our best to obtain these but often times we’ll need the client assistance

As needed

  • Update client designed Google Sheets
  • Provide training to the client and/or their team members
  • Software recommendations
  • Management of company branded email (ie accounting@companyname.com)

Access required:

  • QuickBooks Online — accountant access
  • QuickBooks Desktop — full access
  • Xero — accountant access
  • Banks (including credit cards and PayPal)- accountant (view only) access whenever possible. When not possible, the credentials must be shared via Last Pass

Excluded and not offered:

  • Submitting time cards to payroll processing companies
  • Software subscriptions
  • Authorizing financial transactions on behalf of the client
  • Collections calls to clients
  • CFO, analysis or advisory services
  • Certified financials that can be used for bank loans
  • Federal tax advice


30 Minutes - QuickBooks Training / Consulting
60 Minutes - QuickBooks Training / Consulting
Monthly bookkeeping services
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