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Basic Strategic Plan
A strategic plan is necessary for campaign success. It is difficult to know how successful you are if you don’t have a roadmap. We have a standard onboarding process to gather information we need to build the strategy. A basic plan includes:

  • Goals –What do you want to accomplish with the program?
  • Milestones –When are we going to hit goals?
  • Audience –Who are we targeting?
  • Audit –What are previous results and efforts?
  • Metrics –How will we measure the effects of the program?

Story Development

Through the onboarding process, we also gather talking points and key factors required for building a compelling story. We begin by developing a “vision outline” and several content ideas. From this foundation, we build any materials we need from backgrounders to presentations to website copy, and beyond. This is where we fine-tune our story, the story we will use for the next few years. It must intrigue the audience, so we want our pieces to be creative and unique. Above all, we must convey personality, vision and passion.

Media Contact List

Based on information gathered during onboarding, we create a media “hit list” of contacts for your business. These are the key influencers for your brand and story… the contacts that matter most to you. It will include print, broadcast, and digital media personalities. It’s a living list where names are added and removed periodically as contacts change or opportunities arise. These are the people we’ll be contacting on your behalf and those we’ll look to write or broadcast about your wines. This will also include the leading “scoring” publications (Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Advocate) that maintain influence among key wine buyers.

Monthly Media Engagement

Media engagement is about relationship building. That requires constant contact. We will develop an editorial calendar for you which include both known sample/story submission deadlines, but also pitch suggestions based on the information gathered during onboarding. Based on that, we will execute a minimum of five (5) media pitches/conversations per month to generate a constant stream of coverage. We will support story angles with digital materials that communicate core messages. These interactions may include sampling opportunities, so we will work with you to set up a process to ship samples to these key contacts when needed.

PR 101 Training

We realize that not everyone is as knowledgeable about public relations as we are. Included in this package is the option to sit down with your team to go over some of the basics of media relations and other forms of PR. In addition, we’ll include some education on how to talk to media, common pitfalls, and ways to look for new opportunities to tell your story.

Media Monitoring

Using tools available to our agency, we’ll set up a monitoring package to track results of our efforts. You will automatically receive a report each month listing any published articles with information about the publication and listing the author. If desired, we will also work with you to set up PR metrics by which to judge your efforts as successful or not.

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PR Starter Package - Website Signup
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