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A payment approval software that is designed to scan through your payroll, accounting, and bank transactions to ensure payments risks are controlled. Batch file information is uploaded to Vigilance, and is processed through a series of algorithms to prevent errors/fraud being approved and authorised in the bank. Vigilance inserts a special hashcode into the batch file once it is approved, so data cannot be manipulated. Once bank statement information is available, it is scanned against what was approved in Vigilance, ensuring no transactions have been passed through without being approved. Overtime, Vigilance gets used to what is ‘normal’ for your organisation’s payments, and will alert you if anything deviates from this.

Audit and Risk reports can be generated to assist with management spot checks, internal and external audits, and compliance checks.

Our Vigilance package is $250 p/m and includes 5 user seats.


Set-up and Training
VigilanceAML (Basic package)
Additional entities
One-off import of customers
VigilanceAML (Standard package)
VigilanceAML (Enterprise package)
Set up and Training (One-off)
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