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Growth Plan

Monthly Deliverables:

Create: 12 x content pieces collated and/or designed by us per month within the above engagement period
Create: 2 x video sequences at a maximum length of thirty seconds per video per month within the above engagement period

Curate: The content which we create ONLY
Curate: Stories which we will seek to tell using the above content.
*In these stories, we will endeavour to highlight the unique values and product/service offerings of your business. We will not, however, attempt to write you a novel, biography or engage in any documentary style videography.
*Storytelling in these instances will involve solely the copywriting of tailored and unique captions to accompany & compliment the visual content we will create.
Provision of Lead Hashtag Generation
Management of Automated Scheduling
Provision of 1 additional platform for the cross-promotion of the above content. Minimal alterations and/or adjustments to the above content will be provided in accordance with the needs and format of the additional platform.

Collation, provision and review of quarterly performance report
Collation, provision and review of quarterly mood-boarding & campaign selections

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Growth Plan
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