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You’re about to get the Zen Experience! Papercuts no more1!

You need strategic and proactive financial advice for your business on an on-going basis, not just a bookkeeper. Avoiding or mitigating your business risks will save you 10s of thousands 100s of thousands of dollars in expenses, and potentially even increase your revenues.

Use the latest and best-in-class powerful technological tools to modernize and power your business! We keep up to date on all the latest financial tools, so you don’t have to!

1 You may still get some papercuts. We cannot control how you handle paper, receipts or yourself.


“It has been a pleasure collaborating with Eric and Colin from Zenbooks. The more prepared a client can be with up to date and accurate financials, the smoother their year end process goes and allows us to get things done faster and at a better price. We have had some success working with Zenbooks on mutual clients who rave about the service they are receiving. I have recommended Zenbooks to clients already and will continue to do so.” Sarwar Qureshi, CPA, CA, LPA, Principal, Paterson and Company

“The Zenbooks team understands the driven warrior of a small business owner who has everything on the line. These guys have got your back so you can confidently go live in your genius zone!” Jennifer Cross, Director of Residential Developments, FLUX Lighting Inc


Weekly Reports (ex. P&L)
Weekly Chat - CFO
Cashflow Forecast - Weekly
Cashflow Forecast - Bi-Weekly
Cashflow Forecast - Monthly
Key Performance Indicator(KPI) Reporting - Monthly
Project Reporting
Bills Payment - 15/Month
Bills Payment - 30/Month
Bills Payment - 60/Month
Bills Payment - 100/Month
Bills Payment - 200/Month


Workflow System Audit
Hourly Services – Partner (Per Hour)
Hourly Services – Manager (Per Hour)
Hourly Services – Bookkeeper (Per Hour)
Hourly Services – out-of-scope


Catch-up record keeping


Payroll Management - 1-3 Full-time employees
Payroll Management - 4-10 Full-time employees
Payroll Management - 11-20 Full-time employees
Payroll Management - 21-40 Full-time employees
Employee reimbursements (up to 5 per month)
Employee reimbursements (up to 20 per month)
Employee reimbursements (up to 50 per month)
Employee reimbursements (up to 100 per month)


Xero Subscription – Level 1 - Starter
Xero Subscription – Level 2 - Standard (Most Popular)
Xero Subscription – Level 3 - Premium
Xero Subscription – Projects(First user)
Xero Subscription – Projects(Each additional User)
Xero Subscription - Expenses(Per user)
HubDoc Subscription - One size fits all
Receiptbank Subscription – 50 Items per Month
Receiptbank Subscription – 100 Items per Month
Receiptbank Subscription – 150 Items per Month
WorkflowMax Subcription - 1 User
WorkflowMax Subcription - 2-5 Users
WorkflowMax Subcription - 11-20 Users
WorkflowMax Subcription - 6-10 Users
WorkflowMax Subcription - 21-50 Users
WorkflowMax Subcription - (ADD-ON) - Lead Manager(CRM)
WorkflowMax Subcription - (ADD-ON) - Premium


HST Filing - Annual - Easy
HST Filing - Quarterly - Easy
HST Filing - Monthly - Easy
HST Filing - Annual - Complex
HST Filing - Quarterly - Complex
HST Filing - Monthly - Complex


Weekly processing - 50 transactions/month
Weekly processing - 100 transactions/month
Weekly processing - 200 transactions/month
Weekly processing - 300 transactions/month
Weekly processing - 500 transactions/month
Weekly processing - 1,000 transactions/month
Monthly processing - 50 transactions/month
Monthly processing - 100 transactions/month
Monthly processing - 200 transactions/month
Monthly processing - 300 transactions/month
Monthly processing - 500 transactions/month
Monthly processing - 1,000 transactions/month


System Set-up – Xero (Simple)
System Set-up – Xero (Complex)
System Set-up – ReceiptBank (1-2 users)
System Set-up – HubDoc
System Set-up - Wagepoint
Tailored Proposal
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