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Growth Strategy Workshop

Half-Day Growth Strategy Workshop Agenda

  1. Overview of customer personas and clarification of target audience (20 mins)
  2. Understanding of current customer journey and decision steps (20 mins)
  3. Acquisition phase – what channels will we use to reach new people? (20 mins)
  4. Activation phase – what is the first step towards becoming a customer? (15 mins)
  5. Retention phase – how do we nurture and move people towards a decision? (15 mins)
  6. (Quick Break)
  7. Revenue phase – how to propose and close? (15 mins)
  8. Referral phase – what can we do to encourage word of mouth? (15 mins)
  9. Map out customer journey steps (15 mins)
  10. Set metrics to be measured at each stages (15 mins)
  11. Scope out broad initiatives / projects to implement new strategy (15 mins)
  12. Assign tasks and resources needed to complete initiatives (15 mins)


  • Customer Journey Map – to clearly define your target customer and the process they go through from becoming aware of your business to being paying customers.
  • Marketing Metrics Funnel, to structure your campaigns, measure the performance of each step of the customer journey and optimise results with Cost-Per-Acquisition vs Lifetime Value.
  • Growth Strategy Document – laying out the actions, tactics and channels to implement the above two items (delivered 1 week after workshop)


Growth Workshop Follow-up Session
Growth Strategy Workshop
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