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Basic Scope Plan

Monthly bookkeeping and accounting plan with a flat fixed fee.

In the proposed work below, the term Gyroscope refers to Gyroscope Accounting; The term client refers to you and your company.


Monthly bookkeeping

Client will provide the following within 10 days of month end:

  • All receipts via the app Hubdoc
  • All bank and credit card statements upload to the app Hubdoc
  • All payment platform (ie Paypal) transactions via email
  • All sent and received deposit, e-transfer or any other payment remittances via the app Hubdoc

Client will respond within 48 hours to outstanding bookkeeping items with additional support if required. Any late items will result in extra billings at 20% of the monthly recurring fee, payable immediately.

Client will prepare and deliver all customer quotes, invoices. Any AR collection follow up will be conducted by the Client, unless stated otherwise.

Gyroscope will complete the following:

  • All bookkeeping up to 30 transactions within 25 days of month end. Additional unexpected transactions will be billed at $4.00/transaction.
  • Bank account reconciliations within 30 days of month end.
  • Reconcile all accounts receivable accounts and payable accounts as they are included in the 30 transactions per month.

Monthly Management Reports

  • Gyroscope will provide a monthly management report within 35 days of month end.
  • Management will include comparison with the prior period, year to date totals compared to prior year period.
  • Ratios will be calculated and presented for a quick snapshot of liquidity, leverage and debt servicing ratio.
  • Any signification deviation within an account will trigger a comment to the corporation’s management.

Annual Financial Assessment

  • Gyroscope will facilitate a 1.5 hour financial review discussion with the client to review the year as well as review potential cost-saving strategies and over financial strategy with the client.

Annual T2 Corporate tax return

  • Gyroscope will prepare the taxes payable amount within 60 days of the fiscal year-end, to allow for the client to make payment within three months of year-end.
  • Gyroscope will prepare and Efile the T2 return within 150 days of the fiscal year end after receiving approval from the client.
  • Gyroscope will prepare all T5s required for shareholders of the corporation.

Annual Notice to Reader

  • Gyroscope will prepare and present the Notice to Reader to the client at the time the T2 corporate tax return is filed.
  • A compilation engagement will be conducted. Please note that there are no audit or audit procedures performed during a compilation engagement.

Annual GST/HST and PST filings

  • Gyroscope will prepare GST/HST and applicable provincial sales tax returns on an annual basis. If the GST/HST or PST is required to be filed more frequently than annually, an additional monthly charge will be added.

T5 (Dividend) Slips

  • Gyroscope will complete and file the T5 slips for all shareholders of the corporation (if applicable) before the filing date of Feb 28 of the following calendar year.

Unlimited accounting support

  • Gyroscope will provide unlimited accounting support via email. Gyroscope, when requested, will meet via Skype or the phone to discuss more complicated accounting or bookkeeping issues, and to provide training.


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Basic Scope Plan
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