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S1. Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting Software Setup

Scope of Work

Our Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero setup includes:

  • We have a one-to-one consultation to review your goals (up to one hour).
  • We set up opening balances (but no historical data).
  • We import your contacts.
  • We create and customise your chart of accounts.
  • We set up tracking categories, if applicable.
  • We set up bank feeds (up to 3) for your entity‚Äôs bank, loan and credit card accounts.
  • We advise you on add-ons which may improve efficiencies and solve your business needs.
  • We customise your dashboard.
  • We import your logo and create a branded invoice template.
  • We set up payroll ($50 excl. GST per employee).
  • We issue logins for your team.
  • We provide a one-on-one introductory training session at our office or a mutually agreed location (up to one hour).


Z1. Review and Identification of Leave Entitlements Issues


SS1. Software Subscription - Intuit QBO (Simple Start)
SS2. Software Subscription - Intuit QBO (Essentials)
SS3. Software Subscription - Intuit QBO (Plus)
SS4. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Starter)
SS5. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Growing)
SS6. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Premium)
SS7. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Premium Plus)
SS8. Software Subscription - ezyCollect
SS9. Software Subscription - Hubdoc


TS1. Technical Support Package - 15 mins
TS2. Technical Support Package - One Hour (60 mins)
TS3. Technical Support Package - Two Hours (120 mins)
TS4. Technical Support Package - Three Hours (180 mins)
TS5. Technical Support Package - Four Hours (240 mins)


B1. Bookkeeping - Entry Pack (Xero)
B2. Bookkeeping - Starter Pack (Xero)
B3. Bookkeeping - Growth Pack (Xero)
B4. Bookkeeping - Established Pack (Xero)
B5. Bookkeeping - Entry Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)
B6. Bookkeeping - Starter Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)
B7. Bookkeeping - Growth Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)
B8. Bookkeeping - Established Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)


SM1. ServiceM8 - Entry Pack
SM2. ServiceM8 - Starter Pack
SM3. ServiceM8 - Growth Pack
SM4. ServiceM8 - Established Pack
SM5. ServiceM8 - Dispatcher Training (Basics)
SM6. ServiceM8 - Dispatcher Training (Advanced)
SM7. ServiceM8 - Accounts Training
SM8. ServiceM8 - Field Worker Training
SM9. ServiceM8 - Initial Consultation
SM10. ServiceM8 - Settings for Productivity
SM11. ServiceM8 - Form Customisation
SM12. ServiceM8 - Template Customisation


S2. Migration to Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero
S3. Intuit QuickBooks or Xero Review
S4. Payroll Setup - Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero
S5. Hubdoc or Receipt Bank Setup
S1. Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting Software Setup
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