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Advanced accounting solution

BHP can provide a total solution to handle all your accounting, taxation and reporting needs. This total service starts with us working together with you to build a detailed business plan.

We believe in utilising innovative technology, so the business plan you develop with us will be structured, with room for adaptation as opportunities for your business arise. We want you to feel comfortable in having open dialogue with us about the different options available, including using technology in a leading edge way.

Once developed, we build on that plan to design an accounting solution that records transactions efficiently, and reports on them dynamically enabling real-time data for more effective decision making. Detailed, clear monthly reports to highlight progress.

Monthly meetings with your dedicated partner will help ensure the business is kept on track, allowing time for detailed tax planning as the year progresses and we will prioritise discussing plans to build on your company’s success.

Included in the Advanced solution is:
Development day
Operating plan
Dedicated client manager
Monthly meeting
Accounting software subscription
Annual accounts
Corporation tax return
Confirmation statement
Personal tax return
Unlimited telephone and email support


Payroll - auto enrolment licence fee
Quickbooks Essentials Subscription
P11d forms
One-off bookkeeping assignment
Personal tax return
Essential accounting solution
Entry level solution
Growth accounting solution
Deputy subscription
Quickbooks Bridging Subscription
Audit services and CT600
Accounts Sole Trader
Accounts and Tax return Partnership
Accounts and Tax return LLP
Advanced accounting solution
Accounts and CT600 Company
Advanced bookkeeping monthly
Advanced level management accounts quarterly
Intrastat Supplementary Declaration
Xero payroll subscription
Payroll - monthly auto enrolment administration and assessment
Quickbooks Self-Employed Subscription
Receipt Bank
VAT registration
Advanced bookkeeping quarterly
Advanced level management accounts monthly
Advanced bookkeeping weekly
Quickbooks Plus Subscription


Essential level management accounts quarterly
Entry level management accounts monthly
Growth level management accounts monthly
Growth level management accounts quarterly
Essential level management accounts monthly
Entry level management accounts quarterly
Entry level budget and cashflow forecast
£750.00/On Completion
Growth level budget and cashflow forecast
£1,250.00/On Completion
Essential level budget and cashflow forecast
£950.00/On Completion


Payroll - fortnightly 2 to 10 employees
Payroll - monthly 1 employee
Payroll - weekly 1 employee
Payroll - fortnightly 11 to 20 employees
Payroll - fortnightly 1 employee
Payroll - weekly 2 to 5 employees
Payroll - weekly 6 to 10 employees
Payroll - weekly 11 to 20 employees
Payroll - weekly 21+ employees (priced per payslip)
Payroll - monthly 6 to 10 employees
Payroll - annual 1 employee
Payroll - monthly 11 to 20 employees
Payroll - fortnightly more than 20 employees
Payroll - monthly 21+ employees (priced per payslip)


Entry level bookkeeping weekly
Entry level bookkeeping quarterly
Entry level bookkeeping monthly
Growth bookkeeping monthly
Growth bookkeeping quarterly
Growth bookkeeping weekly
Essential bookkeeping quarterly
Essential bookkeeping weekly
Essential bookkeeping monthly


CIS reporting - 1 to 10 Subcontractors
CIS reporting - Additional Subcontractors
VAT returns
Professional fee protection
Advanced accounting solution
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