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Custom packages for when you don’t fit our other plans. Catering for groups, medium sized business + complex tax scenarios.


Live Acounting Package 2- FY19
Live Accounting Package
Live Acounting Package 2- FY18
Live Acounting Package 3 - FY18
Live Acounting Package 3 - FY19
Live Acounting Package 4 - FY18
Live Acounting Package 4 - FY19
Xero Expenses
CFO for Hire
CFO Accounting Package
Live - FY16
Xero setup from scratch
Xero from Quickbooks
Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) Application
$4,400.00/On Completion
ASIC Management
CFO Accounting Package 3 - FY19
Lite Accounting Package 1 - FY19
R&D Early Bird Special
$550.00/On Completion
Implementation of Accounting Systems
R & D Tax Incentive Schedule
$1,100.00/On Completion
Lite Accounting Package 3 - FY18
SMSF - Medium
SMSF - Small
Xero Support (monthly)
ASIC Lodgements
ATO Payment Arrangements
Lite Accounting Package
Lite Accounting Package 2 - FY19
Small Business Grant OSR NSW (Under Threshold)
Xero Subscription - Premium 5
Lite Accounting Package 4 - FY19
CFO Accounting Package 2 - FY19
CFO Accounting Package 1 - FY19
Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) - Stage 2 (BOC)
$1,650.00/On Completion
Audit Assistance
$220.00/On Completion
Investment Trust (BOC)
Lite Accounting Package 4 - FY18
Lite Accounting Package 2 - FY18
CFO Accounting Package 4 - FY18
CFO Accounting Package 3 - FY18
SMSF - Large
Statutory Financial Statements (Half Year)
$3,300.00/On Completion
Fringe Benefits Tax Return
Trust Vesting
Rental Schedule
$110.00/On Completion
Change of Trustee/Beneficiary
$330.00/On Completion
R&D Tax Incentive Application (Startup Special)
$3,300.00/On Completion
CFO - FY16
ABR/ATO Registrations
Employee Termination Payment
Incorporate in the USA
Activity Statements - Monthly BAS
Business Valuation
SMSF Setup (w/ new corporate trustee)
Xero from MYOB
Partnership - Investments
Bookkeeping - Small
Bookkeeping - Medium
Personal Business
Investment Trust
Family Trust Package
Startup Special Accounting Package
Lite - Company - FY16
Voluntary Wind Up of a Company
Bookkeeping - Large
CFO Accounting Package 2 - FY18
Live Accounting Package 1- FY19
CFO Accounting Package 4 - FY19
Lite Accounting Package 3 - FY19
SMSF Borrowing Package - Set-up


Payroll Tax
Activity Statements - Monthly IAS ( <5 employees)
Activity Statements - Monthly IAS ( >20 employees)
Activity Statements - Monthly IAS ( 5-20 Employees)

Xero Setup

Xero Training
Xero Review


Advisory Work (half day rate)
Advisory Work per hour
Monthly Management Reports


Bookkeeping - Payroll


Unit Registry Management
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All prices are inclusive of tax

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