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Gold | experienced professionals & non-senior management

Engagement Activities

1. Seek Advertisement – 1 month period

  • Professionally written job advertising
  • Resume source within the Seek active candidate database

2. Indeed Platform

  • We advertise with a designated daily budget
  • We access the internal candidate talent pool with key alerts and subscriptions.
  • We conduct outreach, screening and marketing to engage with suitable job seekers.

3. LinkedIn Platform

  • We provide access to a rotational job slot during your campaign period.
  • We monitor daily job seeker activity.
  • We conduct direct marketing and screening.
  • Managed by Talent4you Recruiter.

LinkedIn Recruiter Pro Service

  • We access LinkedIn’s entire network of active and passive candidates.
  • We use search filters to zero in on the best candidates.
  • We record all useful relevant key information in your candidate account.
  • Managed by Talent4you.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator + external tools

  • We use external automation tools to zero in on specific professionals.
  • We monitor and track campaign conversions.
  • We grow your professional network and record these details within your account.

Entry level/ positions up to $60k + Super

Designated Recruitment Support | entry level or vacancies up to $60k + Super
$1,500.00/On Completion

Experienced professionals and non-senior management

Designated Recruitment Support | experienced professionals & non-senior management
$2,500.00/On Completion

3 months of ongoing talent acquisition support

Designated Recruitment Support
Gold | experienced professionals & non-senior management
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