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Gold Weekly Bookkeeping
$995.00/Weekly, Monthly

Bookkeeping Done Weekly
Post all Bank & Credit Card Transactions to Register Weekly
Post all Bills and Receipts Weekly (sent by cut off date to the forwarding inbox system)
Basic Financial Reports are auto Emailed Weekly after bookkeeping is done
1 hour Live Remote Session access each week to review Accounts Payable & Uncategorized Transactions
Reconcile Bank, Credit Card, and Loan Accounts Monthly (after all statements are provided)
Full Month End Financials released Monthly by the 10th (pending access to all statements, check images, and receipts)
Up to 5 Bank or Credit Card Accounts
Up to 2 E-Commerce 3rd party connections included such as Shopify, Square, Stripe, Amazon, Ebay, & Paypal (additional connections provided at additional cost)
Up to 100 transactions imported per month from E-Commerce 3rd party connections (additional transactions provided at additional cost)
QuickBooks Payroll Set Up & Training Included for up to 5 employees (additional employees can be added at additional cost)
Automated Payroll Tax Payments, Tax Return Filings (941, 940, DE9, DE9C), and W2’s mailed to employees included
Vendor W9 collection support (Via our W9 collection system)
Vendor year-end 1099 reporting included (upon final owner approval of vendors and amounts to be 1099’d before January 28th due date)
State Sales Tax Review and Assitance (actual filing of State Sales Tax forms can be requested at additional cost if it determined to be a manual process)
Access to Client Portal and Custom Autoforwarding Email address for documents
Access to Team at A Bigger Bottom Line through Client Portal Messaging
Review of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
Basic guidance on how to read and interpret your financial reports
Provide Year-End Financials to your Tax Preparer or CPA*
Ability to add CPA to both QuickBooks and Client Portal messaging for Year-End Tax Discussions
HubDoc Subscription Included
Sync Receipts, Bills, and Check Images to QuickBooks from all connected sources
Customer Check Payments & Deposit Images posted weekly if provided in connected sources

This is NOT a daily bookkeeping program. This is a WEEKLY program which means Transactions will accrue during the week and will be posted ONCE a week before the weekly basic financials are auto emailed for review. This means your books will be up-to-date only ONE day each week (the day you receive your weekly financials). If you need your transactions posted daily please choose the Platinum program.*

This program does NOT include annual Income Tax Filing Services for 1040, 1065, or 1120 tax forms, but does include Payroll Tax return filings and potentially State Sales tax Filings depending on your situation***


On Time Set Up Fee


Bronze Custom Bookkeeping Monthly $630
Cash Flow Advisory Services
$1,495.00/Weekly, Monthly
Platinum Daily Bookkeeping & Cash Flow Advisory
$2,995.00/Weekly, Monthly
Bronze Bookkeeping Monthly
Gold Weekly Bookkeeping
$995.00/Weekly, Monthly
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