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  • Bookkeeping software and access to phone support (subscription to QuickBooks Online)
  • Automatic receipt upload and download of bills/statements (subscription to HubDoc)
  • Monthly personalized bookkeeping services
    • Asset, Liability, and Expense categorization
    • Reconciliations for two bank or credit card accounts (up to 200 transactions)
    • Monthly Profit and Loss Report, Cash Flow Analysis and financial analysis
  • The Client is responsible for all invoicing and proper recording of invoiced amounts in the Bookkeeping software


Value Add-on: Year-end services
Value Add-on: Subscriptions
Value Add-on: Catch-up
Value Add-on: Extra Account
Falkbuilt Setup and Training
Value Add-on: Additional Classification Reporting
Value Add-on: Business Management Services
Falkbuilt - RUN Service Level Offering
Value Add-on: GST/HST (Quarterly filing)
Setup and Training (Deluxe)
Setup (no training)
Setup and Training (Basic)
FLY - Premium Bookkeeping Package
Value Add-on: Payroll billing
Value Add-on: Year-end services billed monthly
Value Add-on: Cash flow and accounts receivable collections
Value Add-on: Accounting and Advisory Services
Value Add-on: TSheets billing
Value Add-on: GST/HST (Annual filing)
Value Add-on: GST/HST Setup
Value Add-on: Monthly Reporting
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