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Bookkeeping Fixed - Medium Pea

Medium Pea
Reconciling up to 100 transactions per month.

The following bookkeeping activities will be conducted on behalf of your business to ensure that all financial information is up to date, based on online accounting software:

  • BAS/IAS preparation and lodgement.
  • Quarterly Profit and Loss reports.
  • Monthly reconciliation of one bank and one credit card statement up to 150 transactions per month.
  • Accounts payable processing and allocations up to 150 invoices per month.
  • Paperless Payables – Supplier invoices and receipts imported via online software.
    • Payables Software Included
  • Electronic filing system


  • Requires an active accounting software subscription.
  • Additional transactions more than the included allowance are charged at an additional cost.
  • Payroll processing is an additional charge of $10 per pay slip.


Bookkeeping Fixed - Accounts receivable processing and allocations
Bookkeeping Fixed - Additional Bank or Credit Cards
File review
$250.00/On Completion
Bookkeeping Fixed - Payroll Processing per payslip
$10.00/On Completion
Support Plan
STP Set-up
$180.91/On Completion
Compliance Lodgement Fees (BAS, IAS, TPAR, Payroll Tax)
$150.00/On Completion
NEW Cloud Software setup
$350.00/On Completion
Bookkeeping Fixed - Additional employee Payroll Initial Setup
$50.00/On Completion
Bookkeeping Fixed - Accounts payable processing and allocations
Debtor Management
Bookkeeping Fixed - Medium Pea
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