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SM3. ServiceM8 - Growth Pack

Scope of Work

ServiceM8 – Growth Pack

The Growth package is designed for businesses who want some of the more advanced features but don’t have the time to do it themselves. Our qualified staff will set up your account, configure all your back-end settings, customise your quote, invoice and email templates with your company logo, set up integration with your accounting system & provide training in three (3) modules required to get you proficient in using ServiceM8. Also included is a month’s free support.

  • Recommended business size: 3-5 staff
  • Initial consultation to discuss your setup requirements
  • Back-end configuration of ServiceM8 account
  • Set up staff and assign security roles
  • Set up accounting system integration
  • Assist with import of clients and inventory records
  • Customise 1 x quote with logo
  • Customise 1 x invoice with logo
  • Customise 2 x email templates (quote and invoice)
  • 1 month’s free support (phone or remote)
  • Training modules:
    • ServiceM8 – Field Worker Training
    • ServiceM8 – Dispatcher Training (Basics)
    • ServiceM8 – Dispatcher Training (Advanced)

Notes regarding Setup and Training Packages:

  • These packages may not be suitable for businesses that have unique and/or complex implementation needs which may require a greater degree of analysis, design, customisation & training. In these cases, we would provide a custom quotation.
  • Package prices and custom quotations are based upon the information we have received regarding your needs and current systems. The actual fee may vary if any of your requirements change during the engagement, or if we discover that our initial understanding of your requirements were inaccurate at the time of quoting, or if any additional work is required to bring your systems into line with ServiceM8’s requirements. These may include assisting you with correct setup of your inventory lists, upgrading your accounting system to a version compatible with ServiceM8, etc.
  • Initial consultation fee will be deducted from your chosen package if you sign up within 4 weeks of your initial consult.


Z1. Review and Identification of Leave Entitlements Issues


B1. Bookkeeping - Entry Pack (Xero)
B2. Bookkeeping - Starter Pack (Xero)
B3. Bookkeeping - Growth Pack (Xero)
B4. Bookkeeping - Established Pack (Xero)
B5. Bookkeeping - Entry Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)
B6. Bookkeeping - Starter Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)
B7. Bookkeeping - Growth Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)
B8. Bookkeeping - Established Pack (Intuit QuickBooks Online)


SM1. ServiceM8 - Entry Pack
SM2. ServiceM8 - Starter Pack
SM4. ServiceM8 - Established Pack
SM5. ServiceM8 - Dispatcher Training (Basics)
SM6. ServiceM8 - Dispatcher Training (Advanced)
SM7. ServiceM8 - Accounts Training
SM8. ServiceM8 - Field Worker Training
SM9. ServiceM8 - Initial Consultation
SM10. ServiceM8 - Settings for Productivity
SM11. ServiceM8 - Form Customisation
SM12. ServiceM8 - Template Customisation


S1. Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting Software Setup
S2. Migration to Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero
S3. Intuit QuickBooks or Xero Review
S4. Payroll Setup - Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero
S5. Hubdoc or Receipt Bank Setup


TS1. Technical Support Package - 15 mins
TS2. Technical Support Package - One Hour (60 mins)
TS3. Technical Support Package - Two Hours (120 mins)
TS4. Technical Support Package - Three Hours (180 mins)
TS5. Technical Support Package - Four Hours (240 mins)


SS1. Software Subscription - Intuit QBO (Simple Start)
SS2. Software Subscription - Intuit QBO (Essentials)
SS3. Software Subscription - Intuit QBO (Plus)
SS4. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Starter)
SS5. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Growing)
SS6. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Premium)
SS7. Software Subscription - ServiceM8 (Premium Plus)
SS8. Software Subscription - ezyCollect
SS9. Software Subscription - Hubdoc
SM3. ServiceM8 - Growth Pack
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