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Tax Return for Individual (ITR)

Preparation and lodgement of your Individual Tax Return from the year ended 30 June 20XX

The tasks included in this service are generally as follows:

  1. Request pertinent information to commence the preparation of your tax return
  2. Review of the information provided and request for additional information
  3. Preparation and sending of query list for discussion and answer (if applicable)
  4. Preparation of Rental/Investment Property Schedule/s (if applicable) *
  5. Preparation of Share Holdings/Dividends Received schedule (if applicable) *
  6. Preparation of Working Paper for collation of data and calculation purposes
  7. Calculation of taxation payable or refundable
  8. Preparation of Income Tax Return in electronic format ready for signing
  9. Sending of Tax Return Documents for signature and return via Secure Portal
  10. Attendance to electronic lodgement of your Tax Return once signed
  11. Liaison with the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) on your behalf if required
  12. Checking and forwarding Notice of Assessment (NOA) from the ATO once received

> An additional fee of $132.00 incl GST will apply for each investment property. *
> An additional fee starting from $132.00 incl GST will apply to each share portfolio. *
> Turnaround time starts from when all information is received, and all queries have been answered.
> The fee indicated is the minimum fee for this service and may be higher dependent on time spent & complexity of the return.


Establish Company
Establish Corporate Trustee
Establish Discretionary/Unit/Hybrid Trust
Establish Discretionary Trust w/Direct Lineage
Establish Discretionary Trust excl Foreign Persons
Establish Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)


BAS Preparation (1) Lodge Only
BAS Preparation (2) Calculate & Lodge
BAS Preparation (3) Enter, Calculate & Lodge
Bookkeeping Package (1) Bronze
Bookkeeping Package (2) Silver
Bookkeeping Package (3) Gold
Bookkeeping Package (4) Platinum
Bookkeeping Chart-of-Accounts Setup
Bookkeeping Xero Conversion/Set-up
STP Payroll Set-up
STP Payroll Processing (Kountable)
STP Payroll Processing
STP SuperStream Processing
IAS Preparation & Lodgement


ASIC Services - Act as ASIC Agent
ASIC Services - Corporate Secretarial
ASIC Services - Business Name Transfer
Audit Services - Real Estate Trust Account
Audit Services - Solicitors Trust Account
Audit Services - Conveyancers Trust Account


Advisory Services - Tax Planning Advice
Advisory Services - Business Health Check
Advisory Services - Business Structure Advice
Advisory Services - Budget Preparation
Advisory Services - Cash-Flow Forecast
Advisory Services - Management Report
Advisory Services - General Advice
Advisory Services - Virtual CFO Services
Due Diligence (1) Acquiring Business


Tax Return for Sole Trader (Sole)
Tax Return for Partnership (PTR)
Tax Return for Company (CTR)
Tax Return for Trust (TrTR)
Tax Return for SMSF (SMSF)
Annual Financial Reports (NFP)
Tax Return Not Necessary for Individual (RNN-I)
Tax Return Not Necessary for Company (RNN-C)
Tax Return for Deceased Estate (ESTA)
Fringe Benefits Tax Return (FBT)
Annual GST Reconciliation & Lodgement
Tax Return for Individual (ITR)
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