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Web Design Class C

Prerequisites: Project Discovery

MJWebs builds beautiful brand-aligned websites. Web design and user experience is our core competency!

Web design by MJWebs is about exhibiting your brand authenticity and talent. We deliver an equivalent or better user experience than industry competitors.

Full Details:

  • Branding: Website will use your brand’s colours, typography and style-guide (if provided).
  • Mobile-Friendly: Website is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.
  • Quality Code: Code behind the website is optimised for fast load times.
  • Cross-Browser Compatible: Design works on all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Effective navigation: Website can be navigated quickly and intuitively.
  • Information Architecture: Sitemap is optimised for your brand and service offerings.
  • Call To Action: Website will include a call to action such as a contact form or external CRM integration.
  • Schema.org Markup: All website content can be understood easily by Google for indexing purposes.

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Web Design Class C
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