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Xero Cash Flow Done For You
$425.00/Weekly, Monthly

Too busy to keep up with your expenses and income? Hate doing it? No problem, we’ll do it for you! We’ll reconcile your accounts each month and you’ll have full access to review your financials to help you make better decisions.

- Xero Growing Subscription including Invoicing and Accounts Payable
- Chart of Accounts Setup
- Monthly Reconciliation of up to 5 accounts
- Receipt capture through photos and fetching of statement
- Download your bank statement using Hubdoc


Locum Essentials
Backwork Services
Calculated Moves Essentials
$728.00/Weekly, Monthly
Calculated Moves Advantage
$819.00/Weekly, Monthly


Financing Analysis
Business Valuation Report
Calculated Moves Executive Growth
$1,599.00/Weekly, Monthly


Personal Property Tax Returns
PayMeFirst Program
$31.00/Weekly, Monthly
Receipt Automation Service
$43.00/Weekly, Monthly


Copies of Tax Returns
Xero Cash Flow Done For You
$425.00/Weekly, Monthly
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